Jos. H. Santly 
Last updated: 04.05.21
This list is arranged in chronological order and contains 17 works by Jos. H. Santly. It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Keys: (w&m)
Title Year Attribution Remarks
Tulip Town 1911
I'm Lonely (w&m) 1908  wvicon.gif
My Moonbeam 1910 Ren Sheilds (words)  wvicon.gif
Moonshine Sally 1916 Joe McCarty (words)
Howard Johnson (words)
George MacFarlane (sung by)
Hawaiian Butterfly 1917 George A. Little (words)
Billy Baskette (words)
Irishman Was Made to Love and Fight 1918 J.W. Bratton (words)  wvicon.gif
You'd Better Get a Girl Before the Boys Come Home or You'll Never Get a Girl at All 1918 C. Hess (words)
Sidney D Mitchell (words)
Drifting On 1919 Howard Johnson (words)  wvicon.gif
Friends (w&m) 1919 H.E. Johnson (co-author)
G.W. Meyer (co-author)
Julian Eltinge (sung by)
At the Moving Picture Ball (w&m) 1920 H.E. Johnson (words)  wvicon.gif
Tamiami Trail 1923 Cliff Friend (words)  wvicon.gif
There's Yes! Yes! in Your Eyes 1924 Cliff Friend (co-author)  wvicon.gif
Homeward Bound 1925 C. Hess (co-author)
P. Rooney (sung by)
Marion Bent (sung by)
Wherever You Go 1925 P. Rooney (sung by)
Marion Bent (sung by)
Mother, Dixie and You 1927 Eleanor Fisher (sung by)
Building a Home For You 1931 Bennett (words)
Kahn (words)
You'll Never Go to Heaven 1937 Al Bryan (words)
Carmen &. Lebert (sung by)