Nat Osborne 
Last updated: 17.10.18
This list is arranged in chronological order and contains 25 works by Nat Osborne. It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Key: Electronic Resource Items
Title Year Co-Author Words By Remarks
Sing Hallelujah! or, Will the Congregation Please Stand Up 1902
I've Got to Go Now, 'cause I Think It's Goin to Rain 1903 E. Rose  wvicon.gif
Take Me Back to the Garden of Love 1911 E.R. Goetz  wvicon.gif
As Long As the Shamrock Grows Green 1912 J. Brockman  wvicon.gif
When Time Has Tinged Your Golden Hair With Grey 1912 Frank Farren  wvicon.gif
I'd Rather Be Kissed 'neath the Mistletoe Bough 1913 E. T. Farran  wvicon.gif
Take Me to Roseland, My Beautiful Rose 1913 Jack Strouse, Ed. Johnson  wvicon.gif
I'm a Fool Who Believed in You 1914 Grant Clark, Edgar Leslie  wvicon.gif
In Love's Garden, Just You and I 1914 Arthur Gillespie  wvicon.gif
Some Beautiful Morning 1915 James Brockman  wvicon.gif
That's the Song of Songs For Me 1915 J. Goodwin  wvicon.gif
Down on the Gypsy Trail 1918 Sam Ehrlich  wvicon.gif
If They Ever Put a Tax on Love 1918 Sam Ehrlich  wvicon.gif
The Pickaninnies Paradise 1918 Sam Ehrlich  wvicon.gif
Strolling 'round the Camp With Mary 1918 Ballard MacDonald  wvicon.gif
That Broadway Rag 1918 William H. Smith  wvicon.gif
You're a Better Man Than I Am, Gunga-Din 1918 Sam Ehrlich  wvicon.gif
In Soudan 1919 Ballard MacDonald  wvicon.gif
On a Little Farm in Normandie 1919 Ballard MacDonald  wvicon.gif
On the Old Ohio Shore 1919 R.A. King Ballard MacDonald  wvicon.gif
That Wonderful Kid From Madrid 1919 Ballard MacDonald  wvicon.gif
When I Looked in Your Wonderful Eyes 1920 A. Stanley Dunkerley  wvicon.gif
You Tell 'em 1920 A. Stanley Dunkerley
Take Me Back, Marguerite 1925 Bernie Grossman  wvicon.gif
Beside a Blue Lagoon 1927 Monte Carlo  wvicon.gif