Carey Morgan  (1885-1960)
Last updated: 19.11.18
This list is arranged in chronological order and contains 20 works by Carey Morgan (1885-1960). It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Key: Electronic Resource Items
Title Year Co-Author Words By Remarks
The Brazilian 1913  wvicon.gif
Good-Bye Ragtime 1913 A. M. Swanstrom  wvicon.gif
Florence Maxixe 1914  wvicon.gif
When I Met You I Met My Waterloo 1914 Leo Bennett Arthur Monday  wvicon.gif
Dicty Doo 1915  wvicon.gif
Trilby Rag 1915  wvicon.gif
La Confession 1916 Arr. by Domenico Savino,; wvicon.gif
My Hawaiian Sunshine 1916 L. Wolfe Gilbert  wvicon.gif
Hy-Sine 1917 R. Chapi  wvicon.gif
My Princess of the Willow Tree 1917 Will J. Harris  wvicon.gif
Someday Somebody's Gonna Get You 1917 L. Wolfe Gilbert  wvicon.gif
Oh! How She Could Spanish 1918 Chas. R. McCarron  wvicon.gif
In Mizzoura 1919 Lew Porter Abel Green  wvicon.gif
Sipping Cider Thru a Straw 1919 Lee David  wvicon.gif
The Broadway Blues 1920 Arthur Swanstrom Arr. by Charles N Grant; wvicon.gif
I'm a Jazz Vampire 1920 Art. Swanstrom  wvicon.gif
My Greenwich Village Sue 1920 Arthur Swanstrom
When Dreams Come True 1921 Arthur Swanstrom  wvicon.gif
Bonus Blues 1922 Arthur Swanstrom Elsie Janis  wvicon.gif
I Want You 1925 Arthur Swanstrom  wvicon.gif
     Title Dur Composer Performer Score/Song
youtube15.jpg The Brazilian 3:31 C. Morgan  Ragtime Dorian Henry
youtube15.jpg Dicty Doo 3:11 C. Morgan  Ragtime Dorian Henry
youtube15.jpg Florence Maxixe 2:46 C. Morgan  Ragtime Dorian Henry
youtube15.jpg Hy-Sine 3:17 C. Morgan  Ragtime Dorian Henry
youtube15.jpg Trilby Rag 2:51 C. Morgan  Ragtime Dorian Henry