Al Lewis  (1901-1967)
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This list is arranged in chronological order and contains 31 works by Al Lewis (1901-1967). It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Keys: ER (w&m)
Title Year Attribution Remarks
Dixie Rag, The 1908  wvicon.gif youtube15.jpg youtube15.jpg
I Want You 1925 Howard Simon (words)  wvicon.gif
Lane in Spain, A (w&m) 1926 Carmen Lombardo (co-author)  wvicon.gif
As Long As I Have You (w&m) 1926. Howard Simon (co-author)
Where in the World 1927 Gerald Marks (co-author)
Emerson Gill (co-author)
Carmen Lombardo (co-author)
Lewis (words)
Al (words)
Marks (words)
Gerald (words)
Gill (words)
Emerson (words)
Lombardo (words)
Carmen (words)
Blue Ridge Mountain Cottage (w&m) 1929 Al Sherman (co-author)  wvicon.gif
Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane (w&m) 1929 Al Sherman (co-author)
Neil Moret (co-author)
My Heart Belongs to the Girl Who Belongs to Somebody Else 1929 Al Sherman (co-author)
Old Fashioned Lady 1929 Al Sherman (co-author)
Abner Silver (co-author)
Song of Siberia (w&m) 1929 Al Sherman (co-author)
Neil Moret (co-author)
Spanish Doll (w&m) 1929 Al Sherman (co-author)  wvicon.gif
Sweetheart (w&m) 1929 Al Sherman (co-author)  wvicon.gif
Havin' You Around Is Heaven (w&m) 1930 Al Sherman (words)
Got the Bench, Got the Park 1931 Al Sherman (co-author)
Fred Phillips (co-author)
R. Vallée (perf. by)
Ninety-Nine Out of a Hundred 1931 Al Sherman (words)
Now's the Time to Fall in Love 1931 Al Sherman (co-author)  wvicon.gif
All-American Girl 1932 George Olsen (perf. by)  wvicon.gif
Breeze, The 1934 Dick Smith (words)
Tony Sacco (words)
I'm Dancing With the Girl of My Dreams 1934 Al Sherman (co-author)  wvicon.gif
Isn't It a Shame? 1934 Al Sherman (co-author)
Abner Silver (co-author)
No! No! a Thousand Times No!! 1934 Al Sherman (co-author)
Abner Silver (co-author)
Over Somebody Else's Shoulder 1934 Al Sherman (co-author)
Ozzie Nelson (perf. by)
Every Now and Then 1935 Al Sherman (co-author)
Abner Silver (co-author)
One Night in Monte Carlo 1935 Al Sherman (co-author)
Abner Silver (co-author)
Take Your Pack on Your Back and Go Back to Your Shack 1935 Al Sherman (co-author)
Way Back Home 1935 Tom Waring (words)  wvicon.gif
Creaking Old Mill on the Creek, The 1939 Vincent Rose (words)
Larry Stock (words)
Sammy Kaye (perf. by)
Rumpel-Stilts-Kin 1939 Charles Tobias (co-author)
Blueberry Hill (w&m) 1940 Vincent Rose (co-author)
Larry Stock (co-author)
Ma-Ma-Maria (w&m) 1941 Larry Stock (co-author)
Vincent Rose (co-author)
Rose O'Day 1941 Charles Tobias (words)
     Title Dur Performer Composer Score/Song
youtube15.jpg The Dixie Rag 2:59 Ragtime Dorian Henry A. Lewis