Fred Waring (1900-1984)
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record15.gif With Summer Coming On (1932) F.E. Ahlert Tom Waring
Fred Waring
Clare Hanlon
Nelson Keller
Victor: BRC-72573
     Title Attribution Instruments Source Remarks
pdf15.gif There Must Be a Silver Lining (1928) W. Donaldson (music)
Dolly Morse (words)
Fred Waring (perf.)
Piano, Voice IMSLP wvicon.gif
pdf15.gif My Gal Don't Love Me Anymore (1924) C. Friend (music)
Ben Russell (words)
Fred Waring (perf.)
Piano, Voice IMSLP Pub.
The peformer is featured on 28 sheet music/recording covers. It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Keys: (w&m)
     Title Composer Attribution Items
perf15.jpg With Summer Coming On (1932) Frederick Emil Ahlert Roy Turk (words)  record15.gif
perf15.jpg Sing an Old Fashioned Song to a Young Sophisticated Lady (1935) Frederick Emil Ahlert Joe Young (words)
perf15.jpg Dreary Weather (1924) Clay Aloysius Boland Frank Winegar (words)
perf15.jpg Ole Faithful (1934) Michael Carr(w&m) Hamilton Kennedy (co-author)
perf15.jpg Love-Tale of Alsace Lorraine (1928), A Lou Davis(w&m) J. Fred Coots (co-author)
perf15.jpg There Must Be a Silver Lining (1928) Walter Donaldson Dolly Morse (words)
perf15.jpg Sweetheart Let's Grow Old Together (1936) Leo Edwards John W. Bratton (words)
perf15.jpg My Gal Don't Love Me Anymore (1924) Cliff Friend Ben Russell (words)
perf15.jpg Freshie (1925) Jessie Greer(w&m) Harold Berg (words)
perf15.jpg Buggy Song (1933) Billy Hill Joe Young (co-author)
perf15.jpg  Old Spinning Wheel (1933), The Billy Hill(w&m)
perf15.jpg Put on an Old Pair of Shoes (1935) Billy Hill
perf15.jpg Timber (1936) Billy Hill Bob Emmerich (co-author)
perf15.jpg Call of the Canyon (1940) Billy Hill(w&m)
perf15.jpg I'll See You in My Dreams (1924) Isham Jones Gus Kahn (words)
perf15.jpg Don't Change Be As You Are (1933) Vee Lawnhurst Roy Turk (words)
perf15.jpg Pardon My Southern Accent (1934) Matt Malneck Johnny Mercer (words)
perf15.jpg Caroling We Go (1966) Johnny Marks Johnny Marks (words)
perf15.jpg Down T'uncle Bill's (1934) Johnny Mercer Hoagy Carmichael (co-author)
perf15.jpg Very Thought of You (1934), The Ray Noble(w&m)
perf15.jpg Water Under the Bridge (1934) Lew Pollack Paul F. Webster (words)
perf15.jpg  Star Fell Out of Heaven (1935), A Harry Revel(w&m) Mack Gordon (co-author)
perf15.jpg Fresh As a Daisy (1933) Max Rich Jack Scholl (words)
perf15.jpg Oregon Trail (1935), The Peter De Rose Billy Hill (words)
perf15.jpg Maytime (1924) Vincent Rose B.G. DeSylva (words)
perf15.jpg I Wanna Woo (1935) Mabel Wayne Arthur Swanstrom (words)
perf15.jpg Love Is on the Air To-Night (1937) Richard A. Whiting Johnny Mercer (words)
perf15.jpg I'll Be Faithful (1933) Allie Wrubel Ned Washington (words)