E. Clinton Keithley  (1880-1955)
Last updated: 17.10.18
url15.gif E. Clinton Keithley Biography and list of works by "Perfessor" Bill Edwards  
This list is arranged in chronological order and contains 38 works by E. Clinton Keithley (1880-1955). It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Key: Electronic Resource Items
Title Year Co-Author Words By Remarks
Laughing Eyes 1908 C. H. Musgrove  wvicon.gif
Merry Widow 1908  wvicon.gif
Bumble Bee Rag 1909  wvicon.gif
Dixie Kisses 1909  wvicon.gif
Little Bit O'Honey 1909  wvicon.gif
Garland of Old Fashioned Roses 1911 Charles Hamilton Musgrove  wvicon.gif
Just Like the Rose You Gave 1912 J. Will Callahan  wvicon.gif
Why Did You Say You Loved Me 1912 Chas. H. Musgrove  wvicon.gif
I Was Seeing Nellie Home 1913 Floyd Thompson  wvicon.gif
I'm Goin' Back to Louisiana 1913 Floyd Thompson  wvicon.gif
When the Dewdrop Tells Its Story to the Rose 1913 J. Will Callahan  wvicon.gif
Frisco Cabaret 1914 Joe Lyons  wvicon.gif
If I Could Only Call You Mine 1914 J. Will Callahan  wvicon.gif
In the Evening by the Moonlight in Dear Old Tennessee 1914 Floyd Thompson  wvicon.gif
The Only Heart Broken Was Mine 1914 Floyd Thompson  wvicon.gif
Sue of the Cumberlands 1914 Floyd Thompson  wvicon.gif
Title Year Co-Author Words By Remarks
Alice of Old Vincennes 1915 Floyd Thompson, Maurice Thompson  wvicon.gif
I Love the Name of Dixie/ Some One Waits, and That Is Why 1915 Jack Frost  wvicon.gif
I'll Return, Mother Darling, to You 1915 Casper Nathan  wvicon.gif
I'm Longing For Old Virginia and You 1915 Joe Lyons  wvicon.gif
When We Gathered Wildflowers Sweetheartm You and I 1915 Jack Frost  wvicon.gif
In the Heart of an Irish Rose 1916 Jack Frost  wvicon.gif
When Shadows Fall 1916 Harold G. Frost  wvicon.gif
When the Moon Shines Down in Old Alaska/ Then I'll "ask'a" to Be Mine 1916 Jack Frost  wvicon.gif
Colleen, I'm Calling to You 1917 Jack Frost  wvicon.gif
Down the Sunset Trail to Avalon 1917 Jack Frost  wvicon.gif
I'll Be There, Laddie Boy, I'll Be There 1918 Jack Frost  wvicon.gif
On the Sidewalks of Berlin 1918 Words & Music by Keithley  wvicon.gif
Somewhere To-Night 1918 Harold G. Frost  wvicon.gif
When the Pines of Alsace Whisper "Dixieland" 1918 Jack Frost  wvicon.gif
Where Is My Wandering Boy To-Night? 1918 Jack Frost  wvicon.gif
They Put Our Little Percy in the Brig 1919 William J. Redford  wvicon.gif
Title Year Co-Author Words By Remarks
Louisiana Moon 1922 Words & Music by Keithley  wvicon.gif
I'm As Blue As the Blue Grass of Kentucky 1925 Words & Music by Keithley  wvicon.gif
If I Thought That Wishes Would Ever Come True/ I'd Keep on Wishing For You 1925 Words & Music by Keithley  wvicon.gif
Sunbonnet Days 1929 Grossman Bernie, Guy Lombardo Bernie Grossman  wvicon.gif
Our Melody of Dreams 1931 Phil Stewart  wvicon.gif
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     Title Performer Score/Song
youtube15.jpg Dixie Kisses (2:58) Ragtime Dorian Henry
youtube15.jpg Dixie Kisses (2:58) Ragtime Dorian Henry
youtube15.jpg Merry Widow (3:03) Ragtime Dorian Henry