"Perfessor" Bill Edwards
Last updated: 06.08.18
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cd15.gif The Art of the Rag  
cd15.gif A Bag of Rags  
cd15.gif Championship Old-Time Piano IV  
cd15.gif Don't Jazz Me - I'm Ragtime!  
cd15.gif It's Ragging Cats and Dogs  
cd15.gif Music for Muskoka  
cd15.gif Patriot's Dreams  
cd15.gif Perfessor Bill Edwards Plays Honky Tonk Piano  
cd15.gif Perfessor Bill Sings Volume 1  
cd15.gif Perfessor Bill Sings Volume 2    
cd15.gif Perfessor Bill Sings Volume 3  
cd15.gif Quality Ragtime  
cd15.gif The Rag's the Thing  
cd15.gif Rags of Grace and Beauty  
cd15.gif Rags of Peace and Plenty  
cd15.gif A Ragtime Sampler  
cd15.gif Rapid Fire Ragtime  
cd15.gif Rhapsodies in Ragtime  
cd15.gif The Roaring Piano  
cd15.gif Strenuous Life    
cd15.gif Syncopated Safari  
cd15.gif T-Model Tunes  
cd15.gif The Two Sides of Perfessor Bill  
cd15.gif Whipped Cream Rag