Warlock Songs
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 2014 Author: Peter Warlock
Publisher: Boosey & Hawkes ISBN: 9790060029233
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Paperback: 52 pages
Publisher's blurb:
Philip Heseltine was born in London in 1894. In his short life he won public acclaim for the songs he wrote under the pseudonym Peter Warlock. Undoubtedly he was the composer of some of the finest of all English solo songs, remarkable for their intensity, memorable tunes, and harmonic individuality. This fantastic album features 14 of Warlock's settings of English poems, and delightfully convey not only the meaning and rhythm of the words, but something of the atmosphere and charm of the period. For Medium Voice and Piano Accompaniment. Song list:
  1. As Ever I Saw
  2. I Held Love's Head
  3. Lullaby
  4. My Gostly Fader
  5. Sweet Content
  6. Take, O Take Those Lips Away
  7. The Bayly Berith The Bell Away
  8. The Countryman
  9. The First Mercy
  10. The Jolly Shepherd
  11. There is a Lady sweet and kind
  12. Thou Gav'st Me Leave To Kiss
  13. Walking The Woods
  14. Whenas the Rye reach to the Chin