Albert, 'Arold and Others
Last updated: 14.09.20
Printed: 1960 Author: Marriott Edgar
Publisher: EMI Music Publishing Ltd ISBN:  
Copyright: Francis & Day 1937    
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12 monologues including "The Lion and Albert", "Three Ha'pence a Foot", "The Return of Albert", "Marksman Sam'", "Runcorn Ferry", "Gunner Joe", "The Battle of Hastings", "The Magna Charter", "Goalkeeper Joe", "Albert and the 'Eadsman", "The Jubilee Sov'rin" and "Little Aggie". All these monologues can be found at Humorous Poems and Monologues.
Personal remarks:
"The Lion and Albert" was a childhood favourite that my father always gave a creditable performance of at our fireside singsongs in the Grainger family. He could also do the "Battle of Hastings" (I always loved the "Kick-off was sharp at two-thirty ... bit along with .. 'Arold with an 'awk in 'is and an 'arrer in 'is eye ... - just the stuff to keep the kids amused and what about the alliteration!