Albert and Balbus and Samuel Small
Last updated: 14.09.20
Printed: 1948 Author: Marriott Edgar
Publisher: EMI Music Publishing Ltd ISBN:  
Copyright: Francis & Day 1937    
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12 monologues including "Sam's Medal", "The 'Ole in the Ark", "Balbus", "Jonah and the Grampus", "George and the Dragon", "Asparagus", "The Recumbent Posture", "Joe Ramsbottom", "Burghers of Calais", "The Channel Swimmer", "Sam's Racehorse" and "Uppards". All these monologues can be found at Humorous Poems and Monologues.
Personal remarks:
Along with its companion volume Albert, 'Arold and Others, this is amongst the most treasured item in my personal library. It represents a form of entertainment no longer performed in this over-sophisticated world. One day I hope to get round to doing a few of these monologues not only for my own pleasure but also for the record.