Tyneside Songs Volume 4
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 1913 Author: C. E. Catcheside Warrington
Publisher: J. G. Windows ISBN:  

Paperback: 26 pages.
This volume contains:
  1. Sair Fail'd, Hinney (Sair Fyel'd Hinny)
  2. Newcastle is my native place Tune: We hae always been provided for
  3. Bobby Shaftoe
  4. The Water of Tyne
  5. O the Oak and the Ash and the Bonny Ivy Tree Tune: Godesses
  6. Oh! I Ha'e Seen The Roses Blaw (O I hae seen the Roses blaw)
  7. Elsie Marley
  8. Dance to Your Daddy by William Watson. Tune The Little Fishy
  9. The Fiery Clock-fyece by Robert Nunn. Tune: The Coal-hole
  10. The Gyetside Lass
  11. Ca' Hawkie through the watter
  12. Up The Raw
  13. Dol Li A
  14. Aboot The Bush, Willy