Tyneside Songs Volume 3
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 1913 Author: C. E. Catcheside Warrington
Publisher: J. G. Windows ISBN:  
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Paperback: 26 pages.
This volume contains:
    I Tickled Mary
  1. The Lass That Leeves Next Door
  2. Hi, Canny Man Hoy a Ha'penny Oot by Harry Nelson
  3. The Weshin'-day - by Thomas Wilson. Tune Nae luck aboot the hoose
  4. Oh! Heh Ye Seen Wor Jimmy
  5. Wrang Train Agyen
  6. The Caller by Edward Corvan
  7. The Lambton Worm
  8. Dinnet Clash the Door (or Divvent) by Joe Wilson .Tune Tramp, tramp
  9. Oh! Bonny Scotland
  10. The Gift O' The Gob
  11. Je Ne Comprend Pas (Story)