Recorder Memories: Vegesack Double Quartett
Last updated: 23.11.22
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Designation: DBE
Performed by The Vegesack Double Quartet (October 1984)
This item was previously available as a DAM-CD at Presently (2004) there are no plans to re-release it.
  1. Canzona La Padovana by Ludovico Grossio da Viadana
  2. I Allmand, II Canzon and III Coranta from Newe Außerlesene Paduanen,, Galliarden,, Cantzonen by Wilhelm Brade
  3. The "Entry Dance" and "Rondeau" from Suite From "The Fairy Queen" by Henry Purcell
  4. Sonata No. IX in G-major from Zwölf Sonaten IX-XII by Giuseppe Sammartini
  5. Divertimento Für Fünf Blockflöten by Giuseppe Sammartini
  6. Kindersinfonie by Joseph Haydn