Newe Außerlesene Paduanen,, Galliarden,, Cantzonen
Last updated: 24.01.24
Composer: W. Brade Suppliers:    
Editor: Mönkemeyer Quintet D/A/A/T/B
Publisher: Otto Heinrich Noetzel Verlag Publication: Heinrichshoven 1010
I was introduced to this work by Heidi Suhrlie, leader of The Vegesack Double Quartet and we played it a number of times in public both in Vegesack and in Yorkshire when on tour in 1984.
It comprises an Allmand, Canzon, Coranta and Galliard of which I know for sure, as I now (2000) only have the part of the bass part, the rest having gone missing over the years. Heidi Suhrlie was a great fan of Wilhelm Brade and I believe it was one of her favourites.
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