Canzona La Padovana
Last updated: 30.10.19
Composer: L.G. da Viadana Suppliers:  
Editor: Reginald Johnson Quartet D/A/T/B
Publisher: Universal Edition Publication: Univ. Ed UE 14037f L
This Canzona la Padovana is one of the loveliest pieces that I have ever had the privilege of playing. This was in The Vegesack Double Quartet (lead by Heidi Suhrlie) repertoire and we played it a number of times in public both in Vegesack and in Yorkshire when on tour in 1984.
It is a wonderful harmonious arrangement for a double consort and comprises two sections, opening with a 4/4 section of 54 bars being then followed by a 3/4 section, Poco più mosso. My happy task was to play the second treble in the second consort and I can just be discerned doing the nice, soft echo bits on the DAM-CD given below.
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