The Queen: Music for Elizabeth I
Last updated: 22.11.22
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  1. Thomas Tomkins: See, see the shepheards queene
  2. John Dowland: Can she excuse my wrongs
  3. Anon: Lord Willoughby
  4. Anon: Essex last good-night
  5. John Johnson: The Queenes treble
  6. Anon: When Dasies pied
  7. Thomas Morley: O Mistris mine
  8. Anon: Ring out your bels
  9. Anon: Nuttmigs and Ginger
  10. Thomas Campion: Wooe her and win her
  11. John Dowland & Richard Allison: Time stands still / The Lady Frances Sidneys Almayne
  12. John Dowland: Say love if ever thou didst find
  13. Jacob van Eyck: Courant, of harte diefje waerom zoo stil
  14. William Corkine: Each lovely grace
  15. Thomas Campion: Where are all thy beauties now?
  16. Thomas Morley: The Sacred End Pavin
  17. Anon: In Eighty-eight
  18. William Byrd: The Queenes Alman
  19. Francis Pilkington: With fragrant flowers
  20. John Dowland: His golden locks
  21. John Bennet: All creatures now
  22. Thomas Morley: Fly Love