O Lusty May
Last updated: 17.10.18
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Label: Dorian
Release Date: 3 April 2000
Unknown works by Thomas Morley , Anon , John Playford I , Thomas Ravenscroft performed by Alison Melville and Terry McKenna.
  1. Now Is The Month Of Maying
  2. Joan To The Maypople
  3. Bellamira & Emperor Of The Moon
  4. Now The Lusty Spring Is Seen
  5. Willy Prithee Go To Bed
  6. Greenwood & Hunt The Squirrel
  7. Come Away, Come Sweel Love
  8. Engels Nachtegaeltje
  9. Beauty Sat Bathing
  10. All in A Garden Green
  11. This Merry Pleasant Spring
  12. Woodycock
  13. Allons Au Vert Boccage
  14. Basse-Dance 'Jouissance'
  15. La Terre N'agures Glacee
  16. La Rousee Du Joly Mois De May
  17. Frias Et Gaillard
  18. Quand Ce Beau Printemps Je Voy
  19. A Jigge/Squirrel's Lament/The Suquirrel's Toy
  20. Ma Belle Si Ton Ame
  21. O Lusty May
  22. See, See The Shepherds' Queen