Glastonbury Carol
Last updated: 23.11.22
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Label: Hux
Release Date: July 21, 2003
Works composed by Unknown performed by Gryphon: Richard Harvey (keyboard/recorder/krumhorn), Brian Gulland (bassoon/krumhorn), Graeme Taylor (guitar), David Oberle (drums/vocals).
This album was compiled with full assistance from the band and features their two BBC Radio 1 Sessions, five tracks recorded in 1972 & four tracks in 1974. Also included here is their 'lost' single, 'Glastonbury Carol', which was originally commissioned for the closing titles of the film, Glastonbury Fayre. Includes 8-page booklet.
  1. Kemp's Jig
  2. Sir Gavin Grimbold
  3. Touch & Go
  4. Astrologer
  5. Estampie
  6. Opening Number
  7. Midnight Mushrumps, 1st Movement
  8. Midnight Mushrumps, 2nd Movement
  9. Midnight Mushrumps, 3rd Movement
  10. Glastonbury Carol