The Arnold Dolmetsch Years, Vol. 2
Last updated: 23.11.22
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Label: Allegro
Release Date: 04 August, 1993
1. Sonata for violin/flute & continuo in D, Op.9 No.3, (Un Poco Andante, Allegro, Sarabanda,Tambourin) by Jean-Marie Leclair
2. Trio Sonata for 2 treble instruments & continuo in C minor, HWV 386a (Largo, Allegro Ma Non Troppo, Andante, Allegro) by George F. Handel
3. Concerti Grossi after A Theme on Arcangelo Corelli's Op 5 Chaconne In D Minor by Francesco Geminiani
4. Sonata for violin & keyboard No. 2 in A major, BWV 1015, (Andante, Allegro, Andante Un Poco, Presto) by Johann Sebastian Bach

by Carl Dolmetsch with Frank Preuss, Nigel Foster, Marguerite Dolmetsch