Preludes, Airs and Divisions
Last updated: 22.11.22
Designation: TFCD2
Works performed by Trio Faronell: Alan Davis (recorder), Jane Ryan (viola da gamba), Andrew Hurst (archlute).
  1. Andrew Parcham, Solo in G (Airs Angloises 1701)
  2. John Jenkins, Allemande (Bodleian Ms, late C17)
  3. John Jenkins, Divisions on a Ground (ibid) 3:40
  4. Matthew Locke, Suite in B Flat (For Severall Friends, British Library MS late C17)
  5. Thomas Mace, A Fancy Prelude (Musick's Monument, 1675) 6:01
  6. Daniel Purcell, Sonata in D minor (Six Sonatas or Solos, 1698)
  7. Henry Purcell, Prelude in D minor (Select Preludes & Vollentarys, 1708)
  8. Robert Carr, Divisions upon an Italian Ground (The Delightful Comnpanion, 1686)
  9. William Young, Suite in D minor (Polish Ms mid C17, Pièces de mons Guielme Young, anglois)
  10. John Jenkins, Suite in A minor (Christ Church Ms c1645 and British Library Ms c1673)
  11. John Wilson, Voluntary in B flat (British Library Ms c1659)
  12. Christopher Simpson, Divisions on a Ground (The Division Violist, 1659)
  13. Anon, Faronell's Ground (The Division Flute, 1706)