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Label: Oxford Classics
Designation: OXCD98
Release Date: September 20, 2005
Works performed by tha Borromini Ensemble: Sarah Westwood (soprano), Alan Davis (recorder), Jean Gubbins (cello/viola da gamba) and Richard Silk (harpsichord/chamber organ) with Robert Goble, Robert Thompson.
  1. Cantata: Fuori di sua Capanna, Giovanni Bononcini
  2. Suite for harpsichord, No 4 in C, John Blow
  3. If music be the food of love, song, Z. 379 (3 settings), Henry Purcell
  4. Sweeter than roses (from "Pausanius"), song, Z. 585/1, Henry Purcell
  5. Prelude for violin (or recorder) solo in G minor, ZN773, Henry Purcell
  6. Air de Mr. Bousset-"Vous qui faites votre modèle de la constante tourterelle", Jaques M. Hotteterre
  7. Bird Fancyer's Delight, for sopranino recorder Tunes: Woodlark - Bullfinch - Nightingale - East India Nightingale, Anon
  8. Celladon, cantata, William Croft
  9. Greensleeves to a Ground, William Croft
  10. Amour vous avez beau redoubler mes alarmes, air for alto & continuo, H. 445, Marc-A. Charpentier
  11. Enfin de nos Bergers, Marc-Antoine Charpentier
  12. Le Rossignol en Amour / Le Rossignol Vainqueur, François Couperin
  13. Suite for harpsichord No. 1 in G major (from "A Choice Collection of Lessons"), Z. 660, Henry Purcell
  14. Pensieri notturni di filli (Nel dolce dell'oblio), cantata for soprano, recorder & continuo, HWV 134, George F. Handel