The Riverside History of Classic Jazz
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Label: Riverside
Release Date: 15 April, 1994
  1. Royal Drums Of The Abatutsi/Abatutsi Girls' Songs/Lobertina, Riverside History Of Classic Jazz
  2. Street Cries Of Charleston, Riverside History Of Classic Jazz
  3. Shuckin' Sugar, Blind Lemon Jefferson
  4. I'm Going To Heaven If It Takes My Life, Rev. J.M. Gates
  5. Slidus Trombonus, Mayhew Lester Lake, Sodero's Military Band
  6. Ragtime Oriole (1911), James Sylvester Scott, Fred Van Eps
  7. At a Georgia Campmeeting (1897), Kerry Mills
  8. The Cascades (1904), Scott Joplin
  9. Frog Legs Rag (1906), James Scott
  10. American Beauty (1913), Joseph F. Lamb
  11. Perfect Rag, Ferdinand Morton
  12. Atlanta Rag, Charles Davenport, Cow Cow Davenport
  13. Titanic Man Blues, Ma Rainey
  14. St. Louis Blues, William C. Handy, Bessie Smith
  15. I've Got The Blues For Rampart Street, Ida Cox
  16. Around The Clock Blues, Chippie Hill
  17. Risin' High Water, Blind Lemon Jefferson
  18. Big Bill Blues, Big Bill Broonzy
  19. Froggie Moore, King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band
  20. The Pearls, Jelly Roll Morton
  21. Big Fat Ham, Jelly Roll And His Orchestra
  22. Livery Stable Blues, New Orleans Rhythm Kings
  23. Blue Grass Blues, Original Memphis Melody Boys
  24. Walking Babies From Home, Red Onion Jazz Babies
  25. No. 29, Wesley Wallace
  26. The Fives, Jimmy Yancey
  27. Blue Boogie, Cripple Clarence Lofton
  28. Far Ago Blues, Meade Lux Lewis
  29. South Side Shuffle, Art Hodes
  30. Lone Star Blues, Pete Johnson
  31. Oh, Daddy Blues (You Won't Have No Mama), Johnny Dodds And Tiny Parham
  32. Salty Dog No. 1, Freddie Keppard's Jazz Cardinals
  33. Mama Stayed Out THe Whole Night Long (But Mama Didn't Do No Wrong), Barrelhouse Five
  34. Careless Love, State Street Ramblers
  35. Jackass Blues, Lovie Austin's Blues Serenaders
  36. The Memphis Maybe Man, Doc Cook's Dreamland Orchestra
  37. Why Couldn't It Be Poor Little Me?, Muggsy Spanier's Stomp Six
  38. Royal Garden Blues, Clarence Williams, Bix Beiderbecke And The Wolverines
  39. When My Sugar Walks Down The Street, The Wolverines
  40. China Boy (Go Sleep), Charles Pierce Orchestra
  41. Friars Point Shuffle, Jungle Kings
  42. Up The County Blues, Wingy Manone
  43. Harlem Strut, James P. Johnson
  44. Mama's Got The Blues, Fats Waller
  45. Hock Shop Blues, Cliff Jackson
  46. Midnight Stomp, Clarence Williams Orchestra
  47. Rainy Nights, Duke Ellington's Washingtonians
  48. Hop Off, Fletcher Henderson Orchestra
  49. Sweet Lovin' Mama, Original Memphis Five
  50. Sweet Man, California Ramblers
  51. Stampede, Red And Miff's Stompers
  52. Eccentric, Wild Bill Davison
  53. Yank's Blues, Yank Lawson
  54. Muscrat Ramble, Muggsy Spanier
  55. Weary Blues, Kid Ory
  56. Make Me A Pallet On The Floor, Bunk Johnson
  57. Careless Love, George Lewis
  58. Antigua Blues, Lu Watters' Yerba Buena Jazz Band
  59. Dawn Club Joys, Bob Helm's Riverside Roustabouts
  60. St. James Infirmary, Dixieland Rhythm Kings