The Arcadian Serenaders
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Label: Retrieval
Release Date: 09.10.2001
The Complete Sets 1924-1925 by Johnny de Droit and the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra
  1. Panama, William H. Tyers
  2. Nobody Knows Blues, Johnny de Droit
  3. New Orleans Blues, Johnny de Droit
  4. The Swing, , Johnny de Droit (Washington and Lee Swing)
  5. Brown Eyes, Johnny de Droit
  6. Number Two Blues, Johnny de Droit
  7. Eccentric, J. Russel Robinson
  8. Lucky Kentucky, Ray Henderson/Billy Rose, Mort Dixon
  9. When My Sugar Walks Down the Street, James Francis McHugh/ Gene Austin /Irving Mills
  10. Sensation Rag,, Edward B. Edwards
  11. Christine (Amy), Avery Loposer
  12. San Sue Strut, Felix Guarino
  13. Bobbed Haired Bobbie, J. Ford
  14. Fidgety Feet, Larry Shields/D. J. LaRocca, Eddie Edwards / Henry W. Ragas / Tony Sbarbaro
  15. The Co-Ed, Con Conrad/Saul Bernie,
  16. Back Home in Illinois
  17. You Gotta Know How, Ernie Erdman/Walter Donalson/Ralph Williams
  18. Carry It on Down, Avery Loposer
  19. Yes Sir, Boss, Johnny Riddick
  20. Original Dixieland One Step/That Teasin' Rag (Intro), Joe Jordan
  21. Just a Little Bit Bad, Larry Conley
  22. Angry, Henry Brunies / Jules Cassard / Dudley Mecum