Fats Waller: Portrait Vol.2
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Label: Document
Release Date: 27 February, 2003
  1. You're Laughing At Me
  2. I Can't Break The Habit Of You
  3. Did Anyone Tell You?
  4. When Love Is Young
  5. Meanest Thing You Ever Did Was Kiss Me
  6. Cryin' Mood
  7. Where Is The Sun
  8. You've Been Reading My Mail
  9. To A Sweet Pretty Thing
  10. Old Plantation
  11. Spring Cleaning
  12. Honeysuckle Rose, Thomas Waller
  13. Blues
  14. You Showed Me The Way
  15. You Showed Me The Way (Instrumental)
  16. Boo-Hoo
  17. Love Bug
  18. San Anton'
  19. San Anton' (Instrumental)
  20. I've Got A New Lease On Love
  21. I've Got A New Lease On Love (Instrumental)
  22. Sweet Heartache
  23. Sweet Heartache (Instrumental)
  24. Honeysuckle Rose, Thomas (Fats) Waller
  25. (You Know It All) Smarty
  26. Don't You Know Or Don't You Care
  27. Lost Love
  28. I'm Gonna Put You In Your Place (And Your Palce Is In My Arms)
  29. Blue, Turning Grey Over You
  30. Keepin' Out Of Mischief Now
  31. Stardust
  32. Basin Street Blues, Spencer Williams
  33. Tea For Two, Vincent Millie Youmans
  34. I Ain't Got Nobody, Spencer Williams
  35. You've Got Me Under Your Thumb
  36. Beat It Out
  37. Our Love Was Meant To Be
  38. I'd Rather Call You Baby
  39. I'm Always In The Mood For You
  40. She's Tall, She's Thin, She's Terrific
  41. You're My Dish, Jimmy Mcldugh/Harold Adamson
  42. More Power To You
  43. How Can I?
  44. Joint Is Jumpin'
  45. Hopless Love Affair
  46. What Will I Do In The Morning?
  47. How Ya, Baby?
  48. Jealous Of Me
  49. Every Day's A Holiday
  50. Neglected
  51. My Windows Faces To South
  52. Am I In Another World?
  53. Why Do Hawaiians Sing Aloa
  54. My First Impression Of You
  55. Something Tells Me
  56. I Love To Whistle
  57. You Went To My Head
  58. Florida Flo
  59. Lost And Found
  60. Don't Try To Cry Your Way Back To Me
  61. In The Gloaming
  62. You Had An Evening To Spare
  63. Let's Break The Good News
  64. Skrontch
  65. I Simply Adore You
  66. The Sheik of Araby (1921), Ted Snyder
  67. Hold My Hand
  68. Inside
  69. There's Honey On The Moon Tonight
  70. If I Were You
  71. (Take Me Back) To The Wide Open Places
  72. On The Bumpy Road To Love
  73. Fair And Square
  74. We, The People
  75. Don't Try Your Jive On Me
  76. Ain't Misbehavin', Thomas (Fats) Waller
  77. Flat Foot Floogie
  78. Pent Up Ina Penthouse
  79. Music, Maestro,Please
  80. A-Tisket, A-Tasket
  81. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
  82. All God's Chillun Got Winds
  83. Go Down, Moses
  84. Deep River
  85. Water Boy
  86. Lonesome Road
  87. That Old Feeling
  88. I Can't Give You Anything But Love
  89. Two Sleepy People
  90. Shame! Shame!
  91. I'll Never Forgive Myself
  92. You Look Good To Me
  93. Tell Me With Your Kisses
  94. Yacht Club Swing
  95. Love, I'd Give My Live For You
  96. I Wish I Had You
  97. I'll Dance At Your Wedding
  98. Imagine My Surprise
  99. I Won't Believe It
  100. Spider And The Fly
  101. Patty Cake, Patty Cake
  102. Good Man Is Hard To Find, Eddie Green
  103. You Out Smarted Yourself
  104. Last Night A Miracle Happened
  105. Good For Nothin' But Love, Jimmy Van Heusen/Eddie DeLange
  106. Hold Tight
  107. Kiss Me with Your Eyes
  108. Sweet Sue
  109. I Can't Give You Anything But Love
  110. You Ask For It- You Got It
  111. Some Rainy Day
  112. 'tain't Waht You Do
  113. Got No Time
  114. Step Up And Shake My Hand
  115. Undecided
  116. Remember Who You're Promised To
  117. London Suite-Piccadilly, Thomas (Fats) Waller
  118. London Suite-Chelsea, Thomas (Fats) Waller
  119. London Suite-Soho, Thomas (Fats) Waller
  120. London Suite-Bond Street, Thomas (Fats) Waller
  121. London Suite-Limehouse, Thomas (Fats) Waller
  122. London Suite-Whitechapel, Thomas (Fats) Waller
  123. Somke Dreams Of You
  124. You Can't Have Cake And Eat It
  125. Honey Hush
  126. I Used To Love You
  127. Wait And See
  128. You Meet The Nicest People On Your Dreams
  129. Anita, either Lew Pollack or Thomas S. Allen
  130. What A Pretty Miss
  131. Squeeze Me, Spencer Williams
  132. Bless You
  133. It's The Tune That Counts
  134. Abdullah, Thomas (Fats) Waller
  135. Who'll Take My Place?
  136. Bond Street, Thomas Waller
  137. It's You Who Taught It To Me
  138. Suitcase Susie
  139. Your Feet's Too Big
  140. You're Lettin' The Grass Grow Under Your Feet
  141. The Darktown Strutters' Ball (1917), Shelton Brooks
  142. I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby
  143. Swing-Dilla Street
  144. At Twilight
  145. Oh! Frenchy
  146. Cheatin' On Me, Lew Pollack
  147. Black Maria
  148. Mighty Fine
  149. Moon Is Low
  150. Moon Is Low - Part 2
  151. Old Grand Dad
  152. Fat And Greasy
  153. Little Curly Hair Ina High Chair
  154. Square From Delaware
  155. You Run Your Mouth, I'll Run My Business
  156. Too Tired
  157. "Send Me" Jackson
  158. Eep, Ipe, Wanna Piece Of Pie
  159. Stop Pretending
  160. I'll Never Smile Again
  161. My Mommie Sent Me To The Store
  162. Dry Bones
  163. Georgia On My Mind
  164. Rockin' Chair
  165. Carolina Shout, James Price Johnson
  166. Honeysuckle Rose
  167. Ring Dem Bells
  168. Twenty-Four Robbers
  169. I Understand
  170. Sad Sap Sucker Am I
  171. Headlines In The News
  172. Chant Of The Groove
  173. Come And Get It
  174. Rump Steak Serenade
  175. Ain't Nothing To It
  176. Oh Baby, Sweet Baby
  177. Buck Jumpin'
  178. That Gets It, Mr Joe
  179. Bells Of San Raquel
  180. Bessie, Bessie, Bessie
  181. Clarinet Marmelade
  182. Winter Weather
  183. Cash For Your Trash
  184. Don't Give Me That Jive
  185. Your Socks Don't Match
  186. You Must Be Losing Your Mind
  187. Jitterbug Waltz
  188. By The Light Of The Silvery Moon
  189. Swing Out To Victory
  190. Up Jumped You With Love
  191. Romance A La Mode
  192. That's What The Well-Dressed Man In Harlem Will Wear
  193. That Ain't Right
  194. Moppin' And Boppin'
  195. Ain't Misbehavin', Thomas (Fats) Waller
  196. Ain't Misbehavin' /Two Sleepy People
  197. Slightly Less Than Wonderful/There's A Gal In My Life
  198. This Is So Nice It Must Be Illegal/Martinique
  199. Waller Jive
  200. Hallelujah
  201. That's What The Bird Said To Me
  202. Reefer Man
  203. Solitude
  204. Bouncin' On A V-Disc
  205. Sometime I Feel Like A Motherless Child
  206. Really Fine