The Land of Jazz
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Label: Topaz Jazz
Release Date: 24 April 1995
  1. Riverboat Shuffle
  2. Feelin' No Pain
  3. Honolulu Blues, Jimmie V. Monaco
  4. Bugle Call Rag, Eubie Blake/Carey Morgan
  5. Oh Peter (You're So Nice)
  6. Bald-Headed Mama
  7. I Would Do Anything For You
  8. Who Stole The Lock (On The Hen House Door?)
  9. Love Is Just Around The Corner
  10. Carnegie Drag
  11. Don't Be That Way
  12. Tappin' The Commodore Till
  13. Life Spears A Jitterbug
  14. Sunday
  15. Strut Miss LIzzie, Henry Creamer
  16. Ballin' The Jack, Chris Smith/James Reese Europe
  17. Georgia Grind, Spencer Williams
  18. Oh, Sister! Ain't That Hot
  19. (You're Some) Pretty Doll
  20. Take Me To The Land Of Jazz, Pete Wendling
  21. Rose Of Washington Square, James F. Hanley
  22. Keepin' Out Of Mischief Now, Thomas Waller/Andy Razaf
  23. D.A. Blues