Swingin' With Pee Wee
Last updated: 18.12.19
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Label: Fantasy
Release Date: 27 April 1999
  1. After I Say I'm Sorry
  2. Midnight Blue
  3. The Very Thought of You
  4. Lulu's Back in Town
  5. Englewood
  6. I Would Do Most Anything for You
  7. Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams
  8. That Old Feeling, Lew Brown/Sammy Fain
  9. I've Got the World on a String, Harry Arlen
  10. Exactly Like You
  11. It All Depends on You
  12. If I Had You
  13. Out of Nowhere
  14. Pee Wee Blues
  15. I Used to Love You
  16. Oh, No !