Les Oignons
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Label: Milan music
Release Date: 27 August, 2001
  1. Les Oignons
  2. Wildcat Blues (1923), Thomas Waller
  3. High Society, Armand J. Piron
  4. Royal Garden Blues, Clarence Williams/Spencer Williams
  5. Muskat Ramble, Kid Ory/Ray Gilbert
  6. St Louis Blues, William C. Handy
  7. After You've Gone, Henry Creamer
  8. Really The Blues
  9. Oh Didn't He Ramble, William Christopher Handy
  10. Sweetie Dear, Joe Jordan
  11. Down In Honky Tonky Town, Charles R. McCarron/Chris Smith
  12. Jelly Roll, Ferdinand Morton
  13. Indian Summer, Victor Herbert
  14. The Mooche