Helge Arildsø Shanghaied Crew
Last updated: 18.12.19
Label: Studio Farmen
Release Date: 1997
Performed by Helge Arildsø, Czetery Refy and the Rocky River Bush Band (Annie Thornton, Peter Thornton, Anne Kellow, Cate Burke, Desmond Fenoughty, Fritz Fitton)
  1. Hanne Magrethes
  2. Hob A Derry Dando
  3. John Kanaka
  4. Whiskey Johnny
  5. Randy Dandy
  6. Roll Down
  7. A-Roving
  8. Greenland Men's Tune/New Orleans Tune/Mason's apron/Soldier's Joy
  9. The campanero
  10. Johnny Comes down To Hilo
  11. Old Maui
  12. John Cherokee
  13. Pump Ship
  14. Fire Down Below
  15. Falmouth
  16. The Grey Funnel Line