Sea Boots and Swags
Last updated: 18.12.19
Designation: RRBB04
Release Date: 1999
Rocky River Bush Band: Annie Thornton, Peter Thornton, Cate Burke, Desmond Fenoughty, Fritz Fitton.
  1. The Willow and The Waratah
  2. The Albany Immigrants
  3. The Farewell shanty
  4. Andy's Gone With Cattle
  5. Hob y Derry Dando
  6. Over the Oceans/Tenpenny Bit/Rakes of Kildare
  7. Hills of Isle au Haut
  8. Whip Jamboree
  9. Roll Down
  10. Sammy's Gone Away
  11. Ocen Liner
  12. With My Swag All On My Shoulder
  13. The wee Pot stove
  14. Meg Ryan's/john McKenna's
  15. Ten Thousand Miles Away