The Mighty Wurlitzer: Music For Movie-Palace Organs
Last updated: 25.09.23
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Label: New World Records
Release Date: July 26, 2006
Works performed by Ann Leaf.
  1. Strike Up The Band, George Gershwin
  2. You Do Something To Me
  3. The Son Of The Sheik
  4. You Were Meant For Me, Nacio Herbert Brown
  5. Orphans Of The Storm
  6. Jeannine, I Dream Of Lilac Time, Louis Wolfe Gilbert
  7. For Heaven's Sake
  8. My Romance, Richard Rodgers
  9. Great Day, Vincent Millie Youmans
  10. Charmaine, Lew Pollack
  11. Intolerance
  12. The Phantom Of The Opera