Heather and Sweet Smoke with Chris Hendry
Last updated: 03.05.17
Designation: SSRCD01
Release Date: 2009
  1. Now Westlin Winds
  2. The Last of the Clydesdales
  3. Mary Hamilton
  4. The Cardhu/Air for Christine
  5. When I was Noo But Sweet Sixteen
  6. Gan te the Kye
  7. Lovin' Hannah
  8. The Waikato Valley/Heather and Sweet Smoke/What a Bonny Ring
  9. I am a Suffragette
  10. The Deidly Wars
  11. Bonny Laddie
  12. Hieland Laddie
  13. The Outlandish Knight
  14. Mrs Rachel Hendry/Sunshine on the Dram/The Rolling Fields of Corn