Handle With Care
Last updated: 03.05.17
Release Date: 1992
with Pete Wood and Chuck Fleming
  1. Mauretania March
  2. Going To The Mine
  3. All Over The Place/Braunston Locks
  4. The Skagen Waltz
  5. The North Country Maiden
  6. Just Six o' Clock/The Moonshine Polka
  7. The Beech Tree
  8. Gipsy Rose Rag
  9. Doon The Steps On A Frida
  10. Tricky Charlie
  11. The Hexham Mart
  12. Flash In The Pan,/Mealy The Moose/Getting Away In Third
  13. Around The Corner House
  14. Jan's Birthday Jig/Johnson/The Sharp Lowse
  15. Malvern Swings
  16. The Blackberry Bank/The Difficult Fish
  17. Guard Yer Man Weel
  18. Oh Lass! Divvent Grow Up/The Pine Grove Waltz/Miss Anna of Carrsgate
  19. Sunny Winter Sunday
  20. Foster Charlton And His Cat/Wind On The Fell/Baby In The Bath/The Fiddler's Stepladder