Alma Gluck
Last updated: 18.12.19
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Label: Marston
Release Date: 01 September, 1998
  1. ATALANTA: Come, my beloved (Care selve)
  2. SEMELE: Oh sleep, why dost thou leave me?
  3. ZEMIRE UND AZOR: Rose softly blooming
  4. THEODORA: Angels ever bright and fair
  5. HIPPOLYTE ET ARICIE: Rossignols amoureux
  6. LA SONNAMBULA: Ah! non credea mirarti
  7. LA BOHJEME: Donde lieta usci
  8. I PAGLIACCI: Qual fiamma avea nel guardo .Stridono lassu
  9. CARMEN: Je dis que rien ne m'epouvante
  10. SAMSON ET DALILA: Mon coeur s'ouvre a ta voix
  11. LOUISE: Depuis le jour
  12. HANSEL UND GRETEL: Suse, liebe Suse
  13. HANSEL UND GRETEL: Der kleine Sandmann bin ich
  14. HANSEL UND GRETEL: Juchhei, nun is die Hexe tot
  15. TZAR'S BRIDE Lyubasha's air
  16. SNEGUROCHKA (SNOW MAIDEN): To the Thunder called the Flying Cloud
  17. SNEGUROCHKA (SNOW MAIDEN): Aller au bois
  18. HUBIKA (THE KISS): Ukolebavky (Cradle Song)
  19. NATOMA: I list the trill in golden throat
  20. LA TRAVIATA: Libiamo, libiamo
  1. Le Nil
  2. L'Heure Exquise
  3. Le Bonheur est Chose Legere
  4. Chanson Hebraique ('Mejerke, main Suhn,')
  5. Hatikvah
  6. Two Folk Songs of Little Russia
  7. The Rose and the Nightengale (Eastern Romance)
  8. Have You Seen but a Whyte Lillie Grow?
  9. As a Beam O'er the Face of the Waters
  10. Canzonetta
  11. The Monotone (Ein Ton)
  12. Passage-birds' Farewell
  13. La Colomba
  14. Tu
  15. Sylvelin
  16. Parla!
  17. Serenata
  18. The Braes O' Balquhidder
  19. Comin' through the rye
  20. My love is like a red, red rose
  21. Sing Me to Sleep
  22. Will-o-the-Wisp
  23. The Bird of the Wilderness
  24. Irish Love Song
  25. Long Ago, Sweetheart Mine
  26. A Maid Sings Light
  27. From the Land of the Sky Blue Water
  28. Dawn