Britain's Queen of Song
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Label: Pearl
Release Date: 1 Oct. 1999
Works performed by Clara Butt
  1. A Youth Once Loved A Maiden, The Tears That Night - Maud Valerie White (1855-1937)
  2. My Son
  3. Sea Pictures: Where Corals Lie, Edward Elgar
  4. Lucrezia Borgia: Il Sergreto, Gaetano Donizetti (1797-1848)
  5. Don Carlos: O Don Fatale, Giuseppe Verdi
  6. Three Fishers, John Pike Hullah (1812-1884)
  7. The Fairy Pipers, Herbert Brewer (1865-1928)
  8. The Leaves And The Wind, Franco Leoni (1864-1938/1949?)
  9. She Wore A Wreath Of Roses
  10. The Lover's Curse, I know my Love
  11. Have You News Of My Boy Jack?, Edward German (1862-1936)
  12. Deep River
  13. Rock Of Ages
  14. Eileen Alannah
  15. My Ain Folk
  16. Kathleen Mavourneen, Frederick Crouch
  17. Four Biblical Songs, Op.99: Clouds And Darknes Are Round About Him
  18. Four Biblical Songs, Op.99: Lord, Thou Art My Refuge And My Shield
  19. Four Biblical Songs, Op.99: Hear My Prayer. O Lord, My God
  20. Four Biblical Songs, Op.99: God Is My Shepherd
  21. The Holy City, Michael Maybrick
  22. Husheen
  23. God Save The King