Catch the Brass Ring
Last updated: 22.11.22
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Label: Klavier
Release Date: January 1, 1987
  1. Alexander's Ragtime Band, Irving Berlin
  2. Beside a Babbling Brook, Walter Donaldson
  3. You Gotta See Mamma Every Night, Con Conrad
  4. Old Reliable March, Harry J. Lincoln
  5. Missouri Waltz, John Valentine Eppel
  6. Beer Barrel Polka, Jaromar Vejvoda
  7. Yes, We have no Bananas, Frank Silver, Irving Cohn
  8. Barney Google, Con Conrad
  9. Boston Commandery March, Thomas M. Carter
  10. When My sugar Walks Down the Street, Jimmy McHugh
  11. Oh Katherina
  12. Paddlin' Madeline Home, Harry Woods
  13. Always, song (from "The Cocoanuts") , Irving Berlin
  14. Alley Cat, Frank Bjorn
  15. Doo Wacka Doo, George Horther; words by Will Donaldson & Clarence Gaskill
  16. King of the Air March, Julius K. Johnson
  17. Show Me the Way to Go Home, Irving King
  18. I Love My Baby, By Baby Loves Me, Harry Warren
  19. Me and My Shadow, Al Jolson, Dave Dreyer
  20. Louise
  21. American Patrol (1885), Frank W. Meacham
  22. All Alone, Irving Berlin
  23. Bye Bye Blackbird, Ray Henderson
  24. The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down
  25. Aggravatin' Papa, J. Russel Robinson
  26. Yes sir That's my Baby, Walter Donaldson
  27. Roses From the South, Johann Strauss
  28. Ja Da, Bob Carleton
  29. Heaven's Artillery March, Harry J. Lincoln
  30. Waltz
  31. Goodnite Waltz, Woods, Bibo, Conrad