Passamezzos & Galliards From Terpsichore
Last updated: 24.01.24
Composer: M. Praetorius Suppliers:    
Editor: Sextet D/A/A/T/T/B
Publisher: London Pro Musica Publication: LPM TM69
I was introduced to this book by Stephan Schrader at a wonderful weekend seminar in Mützen, near Uelzen, Germany with some 30 other recorder players from all over Germany (Bremen, Delmenhorst, Marburg and Syke) in November, 2000.
The piece that we played from this book was Passameze II (CCLXXXVI) by Pierre-Francisque Caroubel, a sextet for descant, 2 trebles, 2 tenors and bass. A lovely piece with no special technical demands.