Aus Dem Barock
Last updated: 19.12.19
Composer: Miscellaneous Suppliers: smp_unav15.gif  
Editor: F.G. Giesbert Duet D(A)/D(T)
Publisher: Schott & Co. Ltd. Publication: Schott ED 2658
"Aus dem Barock" edited by F.G. Giesbert is one of four items which I inherited from Carola Heißenbüttel when taking over the chairmanship of the "Klingende Runde für jung und alt" in 1981 but unfortunately over the years it has managed to go astray from my library. It may sound strange but I used this collection to put a bit of "class" into my boys' penny-whistle group trying to wean them away from folk-music in the direction of something a little more demanding, a piece called "Murky" to be found in this booklet was especially instructive.
There are 39 duets by John Baston, Brivio, Willem de Fesch, Howard, Snow, Karl Friedrich Weidemann, Dunn and Wenceslaus Joseph Spourni.