Heliotrope Bouquet
Last updated: 03.11.19
Composer: S. Joplin Suppliers:  
Editor: Denis Bloodworth Quartet D/A+S/T/B
Publisher: EMI Music Publishing Ltd Publication:
According to the performance note, Heliotrope Bouquet results from Scott Joplin's collaboration with Louis Chauvin. It is in the classic ragtime idiom and usually suffers from being played far too quickly; an unhurried tempo and a strict adherence to note-values will allow the true lyricism of the music to be realised. The melody is shared by the two upper instruments
This piece was a great favourite of the Blue Monday and Blue Tuesday consorts. If done properly, i.e. at a nice slow pace as mentioned above, then this piece reminds me very much of the old-time fairground heliotrope and its light-hearted jangly music. The treble part is very demanding requiring a very rapid change to sopranino in just two bars and the first note of a descending run being a top E!
This arrangement may be found in Consort With a Swing 2.