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Sweet Pipes has 92 publications posted in these webpages. They include 1 item of recorder sheet music at SheetMusicPlus and 91 items of recorder sheet music no longer available SheetMusicPlus.
     Title Composer Instruments Supplier
Recorder Sheet Music:
sm15.gif Swingin' Recorders (Latin, swing, rock, waltz) K. Harris D/D smp_logo_88_white.gif
sm15.gif Seeds of Discoreovery Robert A. Amchin D/A/Orff (8114848)
sm15.gif Seeds of World Discovery Robert A. Amchin D/A/Perc (17699946)
sm15.gif Calypso Alan Arnold D/D (744293)
sm15.gif Plymouth Rock Alan Arnold D/D (3845817)
sm15.gif Bach For Three Recorders Johann Sebastian Bach D/A/T (748032)
sm15.gif Thirteen Melodies From Schemelli's Song Book Johann Sebastian Bach D/A/T/B (753936)
sm15.gif The Big Easy B. Bonner D (3845931)
sm15.gif Let Freedom Ring B. Bonner D (4900718)
sm15.gif Masterwork Themes B. Bonner D/D/D (3845856)
sm15.gif A Ram Sam Jam (4 folk songs) B. Bonner D/D/Perc (3845890)
sm15.gif  Singin' In The Rain Nacio Herbert Brown D/D/A (748498)
sm15.gif Four Trios - score V. Buona D/D/T (748512)
sm15.gif Baroque Time G. Burakoff D/D (744780)
sm15.gif The Christmas Album G. Burakoff D/D (780258)
sm15.gif Hands On Recorder G. Burakoff D (740277)
sm15.gif Piper's Fancy G. Burakoff D/A/T (748560)
sm15.gif Playing Alto Recorder - 15 selections G. Burakoff A (740229)
sm15.gif Playing Soprano Recorder (50 pieces covering various styles) G. Burakoff D (740244)
sm15.gif Recorder and More (15 elementary level lessons) G. Burakoff D (740292)
sm15.gif Recorder Time: Book 1 (36 tunes, exercises; fingering charts) G. Burakoff D (740199)
sm15.gif Recorder Time: Book 2 (exercises, diagrams; 32 pages) G. Burakoff D (740218)
sm15.gif  Recorders 'N Rhythm G. Burakoff D/D/Orff (776612)
sm15.gif Renaissance Time G. Burakoff D/D (744770)
sm15.gif Sweet Pipes Recorder Book: Book 1 (adults & older beginners) G. Burakoff D (740121)
sm15.gif Sweet Pipes Recorder Book: Book 1 (adults & older beginners) G. Burakoff A (740138)
sm15.gif Sweet Pipes Recorder Book: Book 2 (adults & older beginners) G. Burakoff D (740142)
sm15.gif Sweet Pipes Recorder Book: Book 2 (adults & older beginners) G. Burakoff A (740155)
sm15.gif Ten Songs and Dances G. Burakoff D/A (744759)
sm15.gif Alto for Two Sonya Burakoff A/A/Perc (744831)
sm15.gif Duet Time: Book 1 Sonya Burakoff D/D (744790)
sm15.gif Duet Time: Book 2 Sonya Burakoff D/D (744806)
sm15.gif Equally Easy Sonya Burakoff D/A (744848)
sm15.gif  Hanukah Holiday Sonya Burakoff D/D (744823)
sm15.gif Big Ben Paul Clark D/Piano (768881)
sm15.gif Happy Birthday Variations Paul Clark D/A/T/B (755258)
sm15.gif Notes Afloat Paul Clark D/D/Piano (768910)
sm15.gif Trios International Paul Clark D/A/T (748802)
sm15.gif American Pentatonic David Eddleman D/D/Piano (769708)
sm15.gif Border Crossings David Eddleman D/D/Piano (769726)
sm15.gif Five Duets Jacob van Eyck D/D (745195)
sm15.gif Four Duets P. Fonghetti D/D (756004)
sm15.gif Six Duets Giovanni G. Gastoldi D/A (745303)
sm15.gif Country Swing (Country; Boogie; Jazz Swing) K. Harris D/D (3845990)
sm15.gif  Hands On Recorder: Book Two Judah-Lauder D (8114839)
sm15.gif Keeping it Simple Judah-Lauder D/A/Perc (4903408)
sm15.gif Recorder Stack Charts Judah-Lauder D(A) (17699958)
sm15.gif Sounds n Beats Judah-Lauder D/D/Perc (5667539)
sm15.gif Twelve Divertimenti for Solo Czakan Ernest Krähmer A (743059)
sm15.gif Moon River Henry Mancini D/A/T/Piano (771826)
sm15.gif 4 Duets (from Duum vocum cantiuncularum, 1597) Thomas Mancinus A/B (746365)
sm15.gif Adventures in Style (from Baroque to Blues) Miscellaneous D/Piano (775966)
sm15.gif Around the World in 30 Tunes Miscellaneous D (742256)
sm15.gif Calypso Miscellaneous D/D (744273)
sm15.gif Capriol's Caper - 3 famous Renaissance dances Miscellaneous D (743467)
sm15.gif  Four Carmina a 4 Miscellaneous D/A/T/B (755501)
sm15.gif Let Freedom Ring Miscellaneous D (5664529)
sm15.gif Let Freedom Ring Miscellaneous D (5664530)
sm15.gif Medieval to Modern Musical Cameos Miscellaneous D/A (744714)
sm15.gif Melodies from the Far East Miscellaneous D/D (745061)
sm15.gif Music of Three Centuries Miscellaneous D/A (744764)
sm15.gif Musicke From Olde England - score Miscellaneous D/A/T (748553)
sm15.gif Playing Favorites (10 famous tunes) Miscellaneous D/A/Piano (767132)
sm15.gif Round and Round (10 well-known rounds) Miscellaneous D/Orff/Voice (741785)
sm15.gif Senior Prom: Songs We Once Danced To Miscellaneous D/A/T/B (3846920)
sm15.gif Songs from Spanish Lands Miscellaneous D/D(A,Guit.,Perc) (4903371)
sm15.gif  Sweet Land of Liberty Miscellaneous D/A/T/B (754536)
sm15.gif Thirteen Great Hymns of the 18th Century Miscellaneous D/A/T/B (5666203)
sm15.gif Allegro (Divertimento No. 1 K 229) Wolfgang A. Mozart A/T/B (751443)
sm15.gif Friends Are Always There Don Muro D (743562)
sm15.gif Recorder Rock Don Muro D (743489)
sm15.gif Rockin' Easy Don Muro D (743529)
sm15.gif Simple Serenade Don Muro D (743507)
sm15.gif Six For Two Don Muro D (740842)
sm15.gif Swingin' Easy Don Muro D (743540)
sm15.gif A Touch of Spain Don Muro D (743444)
sm15.gif Lift Your Voices Gwendolyn Skeens D/Piano/Voice (778861)
sm15.gif  Minstrels Hans Ulrich Staeps D/A/T/B/Piano/Perc/Voice (778928)
sm15.gif Three Early Melodies Hans Ulrich Staeps D/A/T (752410)
sm15.gif A Gaelic Suite Willy Strickland D/A/T (752456)
sm15.gif Partita II (from La Petite Musique de Chambre) Georg Philipp Telemann D/Piano (774374)
sm15.gif Airs of the Emerald Isle (11 traditional Irish tunes) Traditional D/A/T/B (4902054)
sm15.gif Duets for Alto Recorder (Ten Folk Songs) Traditional A/A (744818)
sm15.gif Folk Tunes From the Hispanic Tradition Traditional D/D(A) (8114802)
sm15.gif Folksongs From a World Apart Traditional D/D/Orff (8114777)
sm15.gif Irish Airs and Dances Traditional D/A/T (749973)
sm15.gif The Isle of Gentle Airs Traditional D/A/T/B (3846931)
sm15.gif Joyful Tidings Traditional D/A/T/B (780643)
sm15.gif  Seventeen Old Favorite Hymns Traditional D/A/T/B (757158)
sm15.gif Songs of Praise David S. Walker D/D/Piano (774814)
sm15.gif Sing- Play! Move! Walker D/D/A/Guit./Perc (775820)
sm15.gif Easy Does It N. Ward D/Piano (741807)