Giovanni G. Gastoldi  (1556-1622)
Last updated: 18.02.20
According to The New Penguin Dictionary of Music, Giovanni Giaccomo Gastoldi was an Italian composer of ballets (which influenced those of Thomas Morley, etc.) and of madrigals and church music, etc; was himself a singer, then director of musci at Milan Cathedral.
Title Parts Choir Remarks
hellen Tagen, An SAT/Counter Tenor/Bass Various Ensembles book15.gifurl15.gif
     Title Instruments Remarks
sm15.gif Two Diagloghi a 8 DC: D/A/T/B smp_unav15.gif wvicon.gif
Recorder Sheet Music
Six Duets (D/A)smp_unav15.gif
Publisher: Sweet Pipes (SP02306)
2 Dialoghi (DC: D/A/T/B)smp_unav15.gif
Publisher: London Pro Musica (EML0178)
2 Dialoghi (DC: A/T/T/B)smp_unav15.gif
8 Scores.
Publisher: London Pro Musica (EMLV178)
     Title Dur Performer Score/Song
youtube15.jpg An hellen Tagen 1:59 Madrigalchor Gelsenkirchen-Buer An hellen Tagen