Harry Lawson Heartz 
Last updated: 29.11.20
This list is arranged in chronological order and contains 24 works by Harry Lawson Heartz. It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located.
Title Year Attribution Remarks
And You Were Shy Eighteen 1901
But He Said It So Politely 1901
Charity 1901
Chestnutty Language of Lovers 1901
Good Little Sunday School Boy 1901
Love Me, Sweetheart, in Sweet Song 1901
Roses Begin With R, Love 1901
Some Do! Some Don't! 1901
When Will My Dream Come True, Love? 1901
Lovers' Lane 1902
Adios 1903 Richard Carle (sung by)
Fascinating Venus 1903 Richard Carle (sung by)
Love Is Elusive 1903 Richard Carle (sung by)
My Alamo Love 1903 Richard Carle (sung by)
Only a Kiss 1903 Richard Carle (sung by)
Tortured Thomas Cat, The 1903 Richard Carle (sung by)
Hurdy Gurdy Girl, The 1907
She's the Apple of My Eye 1907
I'm in a Position to Know 1908
In Yucatan 1908
My Dearie Dear 1908
Why Are All the Girls So Hungry? 1908
Scout March, The 1932
Rosalie 1937 Edward W. Corliss (words)