Derek Healey  (1936-)
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According to the Internet source given below, Derek Healey was born in Wargrave, England and studied composition with Herbert Howells at the Royal Collegeof Music, London from 1952 until 1956. After further study in Italy he moved to Canada in 1969 where he received his doctorate from the University of Toronto and where he subsequently taught at the Universities of Victoria, Toronto and Guelph. Ten years later he immigrated to the U.S.A. to become Professor of MusicalComposition at the University of Oregon at Eugene.
His works include an opera "Seabird Island"; orchestral works "Arctic Images", "Desert Landscape with Figures", "Gabriola", "A Shape Note Symphony", "Serenata for Strings II, - From the West", "Serenata for Strings", "Symphony No. 3: Music for a Small Planet", "Butterflies", "Concerto for Organ"; much chamber music, choral works and songs.
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