John L. Golden  (1874-1955)
Last updated: 17.10.18
This list is arranged in chronological order and contains 33 works by John L. Golden (1874-1955). It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located. Key: Electronic Resource Items
Title Year Co-Author Words By Remarks
Com-Pren-A-Voo? 1896 N. A. Jennings.  wvicon.gif
My Gert 1896 R. F. Outcault  wvicon.gif
Advertising 1907 Henry Blossom  wvicon.gif
Bugs 1907 George V. Hobart  wvicon.gif
Finish 1907 Henry Blossom  wvicon.gif
Graetchen Madchen Mine 1907 Words & Music by Golden
Mama 1907 Words & Music by Golden  wvicon.gif
That's Why I Never Married 1907 John L. Golden, Joseph Cawthorne  wvicon.gif
Wheels 1907  wvicon.gif
The Merry Widower 1908  wvicon.gif
Chinese Love Song 1909 Words & Music by Golden  wvicon.gif
Fie, Fie, Fifi! 1909  wvicon.gif
Help! 1909  wvicon.gif
Honey Bunch 1909 Geo. V. Hobart  wvicon.gif
I've Been Married Once 1909  wvicon.gif
Just We Two 1909
Title Year Co-Author Words By Remarks
Mister Othello 1909 John L. Golden, Geo. V. Hobart  wvicon.gif
Now That I Can Have It, I Don't Want It! 1909  wvicon.gif
Yoo = La! 1909
You're My Girl 1909  wvicon.gif
I Want to Bring You a Ring 1910 Words & Music by Golden  wvicon.gif
My Yankee Doodle Girl 1910 Henry Blossom  wvicon.gif
Particular Marguerite 1910 Words & Music by Golden  wvicon.gif
There's Something About You, Dear, That Appeals to Me 1910 Frank Craven  wvicon.gif
I Can't Get Enough! 1911  wvicon.gif
When There's No Light at All 1911  wvicon.gif
Ssh! You'll Waken Mister Doyle 1913 E. W. Rogers, John L. Golden, Jerome D. Kern  wvicon.gif
You Can't Play Every Instrument in the Band 1913 Joseph Cawthorn  wvicon.gif
I Can Dance With Everybody But My Wife 1916 Words & Music by Golden Joseph Cawthorn  wvicon.gif
Love Me Just a Little Bit 1916  wvicon.gif
I'm Growing Fond of You 1917 Henry Blossom
Dear Me 1920 Grace La Rue  wvicon.gif
Title Year Co-Author Words By Remarks
Savin' Up My Baby ?