Gus Edwards  (1879-1945)
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According to the Internet source given below, Gus(tave) Edwards was an American songwriter and vaudevillian. He also organised his own theatre companies and was a music publisher.

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cd15.gif Bill Edwards Perfessor Bill Sings Volume 1
cd15.gif Bill Edwards A Ragtime Sampler
This list is arranged in chronological order and contains 105 works by Gus Edwards (1879-1945). It does not claim to be complete and represents only the number of items located.
Title Year Co-Author Words By Remarks
All I Wants Is My Black Baby Back 1898
Across the Hills to Georgia 1899 Will D. Cobb
I Don't Care to Be Your Lady Friend No More 1899 Will D. Cobb
Singer and the Song, The 1899 Will D. Cobb
You Are the Only Girl I'll Ever Care About 1899 Will D Cobb  wvicon.gif
All For a Man Whose God Was Gold 1900 Will D. Cobb
I Ain't Got No Time to Be Your Baby 1900
I Can't Tell Why I Love You, But I Do 1900 Will D. Cobb  wvicon.gif
My Charcoal Charmer 1900 Will D. Cobb
Forget 1901 Will D. Cobb  wvicon.gif
I Don't Want Money 1901 Will D. Cobb
I'll Be With You When the Roses Bloom Again 1901 Will D. Cobb  wvicon.gif
I'm Dreaming of a Bygone Day 1901 Will D. Cobb
It's Awfully Nice to Be a Regular Soldier 1901 Will D. Cobb
Mamie, Don't You Feel Ashamie 1901 Will D. Cobb
Could You Be True to Eyes of Blue? 1902 Will D. Cobb
Have You Seen My Sweetheart in His Uniform of Blue? 1902
Louisiana Louise 1902 Andrew B. Sterling  wvicon.gif
Sentimental Tommy 1902  wvicon.gif
You'll Never Know What Love Is Until I Love You 1902 Edgar Smith
I Love Only One Girl in This Wide, Wide World 1903 Will D. Cobb
Kitchy Koo Cake Walk 1903
Girl Who Cares For Me, The 1904 Will D. Cobb
Good-Bye Little Girl, Goodbye 1904 Will D. Cobb  wvicon.gif
Little Miss No-One From No-Where 1904 Robert B. Smith  wvicon.gif
Title Year Co-Author Words By Remarks
Tale of a Cassowary, The 1904 Will D. Cobb
He's Me Pal 1905 Vincent Bryan
If a Girl Like You Loved a Boy Like Me 1905 Will D. Cobb
In My Merry Oldsmobile 1905 Vincent Bryan  wvicon.gif
Somebody's Sweetheart I Want to Be 1905 Will D. Cobb
Tammany 1905
Tammany - Song 1905 Vincent Bryan  wvicon.gif
Don't You Think It's Time to Marry? 1906 Addison Burkhardt  wvicon.gif
Farewell Killarney 1906 Edward Madden  wvicon.gif
I Just Can't Make My Eyes Behave 1906 Will D. Cobb
I Miss You in a Thousand Different Ways 1906 Will D. Cobb
I'd Like to See a Little More of You 1906 Will D. Cobb
I'll Do Anything in the World For You 1906 Will D. Cobb
Two Dirty Little Hands 1906 Will D. Cobb
Does Anybody Want a Blonde 1907 Robert B. Smith  wvicon.gif
Laddie Boy 1907 Will D. Cobb  wvicon.gif
School Days, When We Were a Couple of Kids 1907 Will D. Cobb  wvicon.gif
See Saw 1907
Sweet Ivy Green 1907 Edgar Smith
Welcome on the Mat Ain't Meant For Me, The 1907 Will D. Cobb, Edgar Smith
Betty, You're the One Best Bet 1908 Paul West
Cafe Girl, The 1908 Paul West
Everybody Loves Me But the One I Love 1908 Ed Gardenier  wvicon.gif
Have You Seen My Baby? 1908 Paul West  wvicon.gif
Maybe It's a Bear 1908 Vincent Bryan, Aaron Hoffman, E. Gardenier
Title Year Co-Author Words By Remarks
Merry-Go-Round Rag 1908  wvicon.gif youtube15.jpg
My Old Lady 1908 Vincent P. Bryan  wvicon.gif
My Sunburned Salome 1908 Will D. Cobb  wvicon.gif
Some-Day Sweetheart, Some-Day 1908 Ed. Gardenier
Sunbonnet Sue 1908 Will D. Cobb  wvicon.gif
Twinkle, Twinkle, My Little Star 1908 Ed Gardenier  wvicon.gif
You're Just the Boy For Me 1908 Ed Gardenier
By the Light of the Silvery Moon 1909 Edward Madden  wvicon.gif
Come on Play Ball With Me Dearie 1909 Edward Madden
I'm After Madame Tettrazzini's Job 1909 Words & Music by Edwards  wvicon.gif
My Cousin Carus' [Caruso] 1909 Edward Madden  wvicon.gif
School Mates 1909 Ed Gardenier  wvicon.gif
Up, Up, Up in My Aeroplane 1909 Edward Madden
If I Was a Millionaire 1910 Will D. Cobb  wvicon.gif
Jimmy Valentine 1910 Edward Madden  wvicon.gif
Lucy-Anna-Lou 1910 Edward Madden  wvicon.gif
Planning 1910 Will D. Cobb  wvicon.gif
I Want to Spoon to the Tune of the Silvery Moon 1911 Words & Music by Edwards  wvicon.gif
Italian Romeo 1911 Words & Music by Edwards  wvicon.gif
Kuddles and Kiss 1912 Edward Madden  wvicon.gif
On a Beautiful Night With a Beautiful Girl 1912 Will D. Cobb  wvicon.gif
Honolulu Hula Boola Boo, The 1913 Edward Madden  wvicon.gif
I'll Get You 1913 Will D. Cobb  wvicon.gif
If I Came Back to You and Said I'm Sorry 1913 Will D. Cobb  wvicon.gif
If I Were in Love With You 1913 Ed Madden  wvicon.gif
Title Year Co-Author Words By Remarks
Little Miss Killarney 1913 Jean C. Havez
Since My Margarette Become-A Da Suffragette 1913 Will D. Cobb  wvicon.gif
When the Whole World Has Gone Back on You 1913 Edward Madden  wvicon.gif
Bohemian Rag 1914 Louis Silvers  wvicon.gif
I Want to Go to Mexico 1914 Edward Madden
I'm Going to Let the Whole World Know I Love You 1914 Words & Music by Edwards  wvicon.gif
Panamala, The 1914 Edward Madden  wvicon.gif
That Bohemian Rag 1914 Jean C. Havez  wvicon.gif
I Lost My Heart in Honolulu 1916 Will D. Cobb  wvicon.gif
Just As Soon As I Laid Eyes on You 1916 Will D. Cobb  wvicon.gif
For You a Rose 1917 Will D. Cobb  wvicon.gif
Just a Simple Country Maiden 1917 Will D. Cobb
Mothers of Men 1917 Will D. Cobb
Mamma's Little Daddy 1918 Will D. Cobb  wvicon.gif
Tell That to the Marines! 1918
Welcome Home Laddie Boy, Welcome Home 1918 Will D. Cobb
America Never Took Water and America Never Will 1919 J. Keirn Brennan, Paul Cunningham
When Eyes Meet Eyes, When Lips Meet Lips 1922 Will D Cobb
If My Heart Belonged to Somebody Else 1923 Words & Music by Edwards  wvicon.gif
Old Familiar Faces 1924 Billy Rose  wvicon.gif
Little Boy Blue Jeans 1928 Gus Kahn  wvicon.gif
I've Waited a Lifetime For You 1929 Joe Goodwin  wvicon.gif
Nobody But You 1929 Joe Goodwin  wvicon.gif
Orange Blossom Time 1929 Joe Goodwin  wvicon.gif
Your Mother and Mine 1929 Joe Goodwin
Title Year Co-Author Words By Remarks
I've Got to Go and Get Myself a Girl Like You ? Will D. Cobb
Just Because You're a Poor Little Girl ? Ed Gardenier
That Frisco Bear ?
When the World Comes to an End ? Will D. Cobbs
Who Wants to Meet Me After School Lets Out ? Will D. Cobb
     Title Dur Performer Score/Song
youtube15.jpg Merry-Go-Round Rag 3:11 Ragtime Dorian Henry