Gus Chandler 
Last updated: 05.11.18
Gus Chandler presently (2013) is only known for his much recorded one-off composition, Canadian Capers (1915), published by Roger Graham Music Pub., which he co-authored with Bert White and Henry Cohen.

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Canadian Capers
By Gus Chandler, Co-Authors: Bert White, Henry Cohen.
Publisher: Jerome H. Remick & Co.
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Printed: 1915. Sheet Music. Limited Availability.
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Title Year Co-Author Words By Remarks
Canadian Capers 1915 Bert White, Henry Cohen  amazon15.gif wvicon.gif
Canadian Capers - Song 1921 Henry Cohen, Bert White
     Title Dur Composer Performer Score/Song
youtube15.jpg Canadian Capers 4:16 G Chandler  Ragtime Dorian Henry