Giovanni Buonamente  (c.1580-1642)
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According to the Internet source given below, Giovanni Battista Buonamente was an Italian violist and composer. He was in Mantua until 1622 at the same time as both Salomone Rossi and Claudio Monteverdi. (Monteverdi left the service of the Duke of Gonzaga in Mantua in 1613 to establish himself in Venice.) After 1622 Buonamente paid several visits to Vienna. He accompanied Eleanor of Gonzaga there for the marriage of the Emperor Ferdinand II. He also visited Prague for the coronation of Emperor Ferdinand III as King of Bohemia. He was director of music at the Saint Francis convent in Assisi in 1633, where he died 10 years later.
Only four of his seven collections of sonatas, canzonas, and various dances have come down to us. Published between 1626 and 1637, they continue Rossi's development of the trio sonata. As Buonamente's work spread beyond the borders of Italy, so too did the modern instrumental style.
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