Tyneside Songs and Drolleries
Last updated: 19.04.20
Printed: 2010 Author: Joe Wilson
Publisher: The British Library ISBN:  
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Readings and Temperance Songs
528 pages
Original publisher's blurb and foreword:
Th Joseph Cowen, Esq. A volume which, in the dialect of Tyneside, depicts the everyday life of the people, may, it is thought, be fittingly inscribed to one who, always partial to what is "racy of the soil", has, from his earliest days, toiled for the elevation of the masses. The Publishers.
Personal remarks:
This book is an absolute must for the student of Geordie folk songs. Not only does it gives a very full description of Joe Wilson's tragically short life but also through the songs, reading and drolleries it captures vividly the life and times of mid-19th century Tyneside. Amongst the 253 songs, 62 temperance songs and 23 readings can be found;