A Critical Study of the Music of Rimsky Korsakov, 1844-1890
Last updated: 03.05.20
Printed: 1989 Author: Steven Griffiths
Publisher: Garland Publications ISBN: 0824001974
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Outstanding Dissertations in Music from British Universities
Hardcover (December 1989)
Amazon Review
Reviewer: A reader from Azerbaijian
I thought Rimsky was a boring old Russian with a big beard till I read this. This is certainly the most excting volume on a composer since Robert Craft interviewed Stravinsky (one of Rimsky's pupils, after all). It takes a composer previously known only for a colourful oriental fantasy and opens up a whole world of Slavonic exuberance and melancholy such as had only previously been associated with Tchaikovsky.
Anyway, I thought it was a bloody good read and I'm now going to search the catalogues for recordings of obscure Russian operas and songs - I can't get enough of them!