Great Cockney Songs Vol. 1
Last updated: 30.04.20
Printed: 1974 Author: James Home Jnr. and Horace Phlange
Publisher: Southern Music Publishing Co. Ltd ISBN:  

Sheet music: 23 pages
Personal remarks:
I came across this rare and unusual item in a second-hand bookshop in Leeds whilst on holiday there in 2000. The compilation of James Home Jnr. and Horace Phlange (co-authors of London, the Singing City and one-time joint licensees of the "The New Bull and Bush", Rainley), it contains a weird selection of old and new songs to whit:
The traditional numbers are amusingly purported to have been adapted and arrange by Pearl E. King. As the authors say, "It ain't 'arf a good book! Don't you agree? We do."