Glimpses of Christmas
Last updated: 17.12.19
Printed: 1969 Author: W.H. Keith Young
Publisher: Allan & Co. Pty. Ltd ISBN:  

20 Australian Carols
Paper bound: 32 pages

Publisher's blurb:
The author and composer of these carols, W. H. Keith Young, has helped keep carol singing alive in this country, and through many recordings of the world famous Ballerat choirs, under his direction, has carried the name of Australia overseas.
He is a well known teacher, organist and adjudicator. He visits to all the leading music centres overseas, has widened his experience, and given inspiration to his writings as evidenced in some of the dedications to the carols.
We take pride in being the first to publish a volume of Australian carols, with words and music by the same composer. Mr. Young is quoted as saying "Words inspire music, and music inspires words!" - hence, it is no wonder these carols feel "natural" to sing - being free of ugly and unnatural stresses.
The large number of hymns and carols available today, is indicative of the search for new material, for people to express themselves in song and the beautiful carols in this volume will not only enrich the supply of ecumenical sacred music, but meet the need for meaningful singing. They depict the world's most beautiful story in a descriptive, melodious and original way, and we feel confident they will quickly become standard repertoire alongside the traditional carols.
Personal remarks:
I purchased this interesting addition to my library for a princely AUD $4 knocked down from AUD $5 from a second-hand shop in Melbourne sometime in July 2015. Despite these carols being composed, written and published in Australia, the reader/singer will find not a single word in the lyrics that refer to or are typical of the fifth continent.